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The Only AI-Enabled active Vulnerability Scanner

Identify 5x the number of devices on your network - safely

We use active AI scans to detect device vulnerabilities before hackers do

Lock ALL Of Your Open Backdoor Devices

Lock ALL of your open backdoor devices

Most enterprises have no visibility into 80% of the devices attached to their networks – especially those in low bandwidth areas – even though they spend a big chunk of their budget on a variety of passive AI and/or signature based scanners.

Suavei’s AI-Enabled (active) scanning technology will allow you to identify 5x the number of devices, in a network/bandwidth friendly way, with no spend increase. The number of attached network devices is exploding. Suavei makes it possible for you to identify and protect all of your devices in the most cost efficient fashion.

Sound too good to be true? We can QUICKLY & EASILY Prove-It for free!

We built Suavei to address 3 fundamental problematic issues in other vulnerability scanning products:

1. They don’t identify the devices (especially IoT) accurately and reliably

2. They cannot handle slow and unpredictable network environments (e.g. wireless)

3. They cannot be trusted to scan sensitive devices (e.g. medical and other IoT)

Current scanning products (Qualys, Tenable, Rapid7 and others) are clearly not sufficient in great part because they use old static signature and passive AI techniques that are outdated and ineffective.



Suavei accurately identifies all devices that are connected to a network without the installation of any additional hardware or software agents.

You wouldn’t trust a self-driving car that had no cameras and relied on databases to figure out even the most basic things like the speed limit. Reliable self-driving cars are being made possible by the use of AI techniques like categorization and image recognition. It is no surprise that antiquated active scanners that rely on signature databases to identify devices are unreliable and ineffective.

Perfect for IoT Device Security

According to informatech (May 2021), 90% of Enterprises state that IoT was core to their digital transformation plans. No wonder the quantity of these devices is growing rapidly, along with the number of weaponized exploits. In addition, these devices are normally connect to the network via WiFi or cellular connections that are commonly slow, weak and unreliable – making them especially challenging to ID accurately and safely. IoT devices are ‘un-agentable’ and traditional active scans would knock them over anyway. Passive scans are ineffective because they can only see devices where the network traffic is redirected to them. Suavei’s unique AI-Enable ACTIVE network discovery technology solves all these problems making it perfect for IoT devices.

Suavei is Unique!


Suavei uses the same Deep Learning techniques that self-driving cars use, but to identify and navigate network-connected devices.


The Suavei platform actively scans all devices attached to a network, correctly identifies them, self-calibrates and continuously improves using AI.


Besides using AI for device identification, we use it to self-optimize bandwidth usage making it the only option for automated assessment of devices on low bandwidth and/or high latency networks.

MSSP Ready

MSSP Ready

Suavei provides the only combination of an Enterprise-ready (multi-tenant, multi-site, hierarchical Role Based Access Control, unlimited scalability) product with a fast, everything-in-under-3-clicks, streamlined UI for Security Operations Center users.

API First Approach

We are also built for integration, as a critical piece in an effective “Defense in Depth” cybersecurity strategy. We provide a fully featured, richly documented JSON REST API that is public and available for both integration partners and customers to leverage.

Customization & Integration

Any good cybersecurity strategy involves layering multiple products – and Suavei builds its products for layering.
In addition to our core offering, we can provide our integration partners, including SOAR platforms, with additional services and functionality like premium vulnerability signatures and curated thread feeds
Use our flexible out-of-the-box reporting and UI, or we encouge customization via our rich JSON REST API

Why Suavei?

Current vulnerability scanners (i.e. Tenable, Qualys, Armis, Rapid7) miss or misidentify over 50% of the devices, especially IoT, connected to your network. Suavei’s AI-enabled (active) scans will identify 5x more devices, faster & safely, for less budget – giving you more to spend on other threat vectors. Click here and allow us to Prove-It to you.

There are already 7 Billion Internet-connected devices in the world, and, according to Ericsson, by 2022 there will be 17.6 Billion – on average, two for every human.

– Afonso Infante CTO, Suavei

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