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Suavei was created to take us to a future when cyber attacks are no longer part of daily headlines — but an easily managed problem that no longer poses a serious threat to critical infrastructure.


We believe the greatest threat to any country is an attack on Critical Infrastructure. Today, Critical Infrastructure has open backdoors everywhere — especially in remote locations — even though a lot of capital is being spent in ineffective, time- and resource-consuming tools and processes to protect it.  


Suavei has built a tool to rapidly assess and find vulnerabilities in Internet-connected Critical Infrastructure, even in remote locations with low-bandwidth and/or high-latency links. This tool is fully automated, self-calibrating, and 100% SaaS. This significantly saves both operating costs by reducing labor and capital costs by eliminating hardware.


Suavei provides the only combination of an Enterprise-ready (multi-tenant, multi-site, hierarchical Role Based Access Control, unlimited scalability) product with a fast, everything-in-under-3-clicks, streamlined UI for Security Operations Center users. We self-optimize bandwidth usage through AI making it the only option for automated assessment of devices on low bandwidth and/or high latency networks. We created a Network Vulnerability Test Marketplace to reduce R&D costs while actually providing better, more accurate, faster intelligence — secured by blockchain technology.

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There are already 7 Billion Internet-connected devices in the world, and, according to Ericsson, by 2022 there will be 17.6 Billion – on average, two for every human.

Afonso Infante
CTO, Suavei

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