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Suavei performs vulnerability assessment of critical infrastructure in remote locations and devices. We improve the quality of life of security operations teams and help them feel less stressed, more relieved and focused by curbing the threat of cyber attacks. We save costs by being fully automated, self-calibrating, and 100% software.

Suavei provides the only combination of an Enterprise-ready (multi-tenant, multi-site, hierarchical Role Based Access Control, unlimited scalability) product with a fast, everything-in-under-3-clicks, streamlined UI for Security Operations Center users. We self-optimize bandwidth usage making it the only option for automated assessment of devices on slow Internet connections.

Growth in Connected Devices (Billions)

  • IoT devices
  • PCs/laptops/tablets
  • Mobile phones
  • Fixed phones

IoT is where most of the connected device growth is and will be for the foreseeable future — almost 30% a year.

Ask yourself...

  • Isn’t today’s greatest threat to any country a cyber attack on critical infrastructure?
  • Are we keeping up with the cyber-threats that are increasing exponentially each day? Suavei constantly releases new signatures, with secure, scalable and reliable distribution, combined with patented performance optimization.
  • Are we staying ahead of the new devices coming out every day? Suavei is built on top of an IoT Security Platform – an open, participative infrastructure to enable external producers to create content for Suavei customers, curated by Suavei.

The Suavei Advantage

Old vulnerability management solutions take a lot of time and a lot of bandwidth. They were designed to scan fairly homogeneous Servers and other Datacenter equipment connected to fast, local networks — not remote locations with slow Internet connections.

Suavei minimizes its consumption of bandwidth, and optimizes the time it takes to complete a scan, so vulnerability management of devices in remote locations is actually practical and effective.

Another Suavei patent was written to address the explosive growth of distinct Internet-connected devices: dozens of new devices are released weekly, making it very difficult for one company’s R&D department to ever keep up.

We created a Cyber Security platform to which anyone – individual contributors, device manufacturers, hackers – can contribute device identification signatures, and, in an improvement to the current “bug bounty” model, be paid automatically, in cryptocurrency, every time the signature is used. This provides strong, self-sustaining, incentives for the creation of content for our platform and tackles the device identification problem elegantly and effectively.

Suavei’s team members have each been selling to Security Operations Centers (SOCs) of Communication Service Providers (CSPs) for almost two decades. We know how CSP SOCs operate, what they need and how they need it. Our SaaS product was designed, from the ground up, to cater to this use case, and that shows clearly in the UX, be it via our standard GUI or our full, rich, REST API.

Once vulnerabilities are detected by a Service Provider, what do you do with the information?

Suavei Internet Security is designed with the three stages of vulnerability management – Detect (the vulnerabilities), Engage (the end user) and Respond (by mitigating the vulnerability) – in mind; the console allows your SOC team to quickly and easily notify end users of the problems found, and offer them different types of solutions, depending on the situation: change default passwords, update or patch the device’s firmware, block affected ports or quarantine the device altogether.

Is your business ready?

Old vulnerability management solutions cannot realistically be used for remote Internet-connected devices; they create too much noise, consume too much bandwidth, and incorrectly identify the overwhelming majority of devices.

Can you afford to have in your network millions of remote devices that you have no visibility of? Remember: each of those devices can be a soldier in a cyber-war waged against you, or waged against someone else who will likely be looking for somebody to blame…

Internet of Things services spending worldwide (in billion U.S. dollars)

How can we help you?

Contact Suavei’s support team if you need help or have questions.

There are already 7 Billion Internet-connected devices in the world, and, according to Ericsson, by 2022 there will be 17.6 Billion – on average, two for every human.

Afonso Infante
CTO, Suavei

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